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Kotana Board Game

Where laughter meets learning, and knowledge becomes an adventure!


Introducing the KOTANA BOARD GAME , a groundbreaking approach to promoting open dialogues about sexual and reproductive health among adolescents. Designed to be both enlightening and enjoyable, Kotana board game strives to break down barriers and the stigma surrounding these crucial topics. By seamlessly integrating sexual reproductive health information (SRHR) in our every day discussions with an interesting gameplay experience, the game empowers young individuals to approach these discussions with confidence and curiosity.

Kotana emerges as a good srhr tool. With its innovative way of educating and entertaining, it paves the way for informed choices and healthier outcomes. By creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and understanding, the game equips adolescents with the knowledge they need to navigate the complexities of their body changes to create a society that is more aware, empowered and free menstrual stigma and teenage pregnancies.

IRIZA Comic Book

Where laughter meets learning, and knowledge becomes an adventure!


IRIZA Comic book, This book offers sexual and reproductive health information to adolescents between 10 - 23 years old in fun, engaging and non-stigmatized way. This book is in two languages English and Kinyarwanda. This comic is only 20 pages long with all the trustworthy information about SRHR. This comic book was launched on 30th November 2021. So far 100 copies have been donated to different schools from rural areas so as to give access to anyone in need of the information it contains




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